Attorney Steven Bader wins Jury Trial in Duluth

Attorney Steven Bader recently won a three day jury trial in Duluth. The plaintiff alleged bodily injury in an automobile accident that occurred on I-35 in Duluth. Specifically, she alleged the accident caused injuries that ultimately resulted in a fusion of her lumbar spine. The defense argued the accident occurred due to winter weather conditions and not because of negligent driving conduct. Additionally, the defense argued the only injury plaintiff suffered in the accident was a temporary cervical sprain/strain that resolved on its own, and the low back injury was not caused by the motor vehicle accident.

The jury found no negligence on the defendant, and it found the plaintiff did not sustain a low back injury in the accident, and as a result, did not meet any of the Minnesota tort thresholds.

Kervina and Kervina v. Dombroske, 69DU-CV-17-71