Attorneys Paul Rajkowski and Steven Bader win summary judgment in traumatic brain injury case

On April 5, 2016, attorneys Paul Rajkowski and Steven Bader obtained summary judgment from the Minnesota District Court, Redwood County, in a personal injury case where a 12 year old child suffered a serious traumatic brain injury and incurred approximately $900,000.00 in past medical bills. The plaintiff sued our client and alleged a joint enterprise between our client and a co-defendant. The district court found no joint enterprise as a matter of law, and dismissed our client from the suit.

The plaintiff suffered injuries in a collision between his vehicle and a semi-truck owned by the co-defendant. The co-defendant's employee drove the truck at the time of the collision. Our client is a retired farmer that occasionally helped the co-defendant with his farm. The plaintiff argued our client and the co-defendant engaged in a joint enterprise because our client occasionally helped the co-defendant on the farm and allowed the co-defendant to store equipment and grain on his property. Paul and Steve argued that our client's occasional and voluntary assistance to the co-defendant did not provide him with a voice in the direction and control of the co-defendant's farming operation in accordance with case law. The Court agreed. It found no genuine dispute as to whether our client had a voice in the co-defendant's operation, and dismissed all claims against our client with prejudice.

Lor v. Hewitt, et. al., 64-CV-15-428, Minnesota District Court, Redwood County