Steven Bader wins Jury Trial in Burn Injury Case

Attorney Steven Bader obtained a defense verdict on behalf of a homeowner in a burn injury case brought by an injured minor child in Carver County. The minor plaintiff fell into a hot fire ring on the homeowner’s property during a Fourth of July celebration in 2009. The fire ring sat roughly in the middle of the backyard. The homeowner consistently kept a fire going throughout her multi-day Fourth of July gathering as way to "keep the home fires burning." The homeowner placed several inflatable / plastic children’s pools on one side of her backyard, away from the fire pit, for her child guests to enjoy.

The minor plaintiff visited the gathering with her step-mother and her father. The accident happened when the step-mother left the backyard and went inside the home to tend to an infant child. At that point, the minor plaintiff and another child or children were running around the backyard and the minor plaintiff fell in the fire pit. She sustained burn injuries to her arms and legs that resulted in permanent scarring.

The jury found the homeowner was not negligent and not liable for the plaintiff’s accident.

Smith v. Holloman, Carver County District Court, 10-CV-15-811