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Attorneys Kevin Gray And Troy Poetz Receive Favorable Verdict At Jury Trial In Wright County

Attorneys Kevin Gray and Troy Poetz recently received a favorable verdict in a 12-day jury trial in Wright County. The case involved a farmer towing a plow in the dark with a tractor on a county road. The plow was over the center line between 6-8 feet. The Plaintiff was a 17-year-old driver who sustained a traumatic brain injury. The claim was that the plow was insufficiently lit, that the tractor lights blinded the Plaintiff and that the plow was in “field mode” rather than “road mode.”

A seven figure offer was made, but the Plaintiff rejected the offer. The jury came back with approximately $6.5 million in damages. However, they attributed 55% fault to the Plaintiff and 45% fault to the Defendant. Under Minnesota law, the Plaintiff receives no recovery.

Moeller vs. Zander, et al., 86-CV-15-2832