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Chris Wills Wins Summary Judgment In Personal Injury And Property Damage Lawsuit

Chris Wills won summary judgment in a lawsuit that contained claims for personal injury and property damage. The lawsuit arose out of a spray drift that occurred on July 16, 2014. At the time of the drift, Federated Co-ops, Inc. was applying various agricultural chemicals to property owned by Thomas and Barbara Krawczewskis. Therese Olsen, a neighboring land owner, alleged that the agricultural chemicals drifted and caused damage to oats that she was growing on her property and caused her to suffer a personal injury.

Federated moved for summary judgment, arguing that Ms. Olsen did not have any evidence that (a) her property was damaged, (b) any property damage was caused by the alleged drift, and (c) her personal injury was caused by the alleged drift. The Chisago County District Court agreed and dismissed Ms. Olsen’s claims. The time for Ms. Olsen to appeal the Chisago County District Court’s order dismissing her case has not yet begun to run.