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Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important aspect of financial planning and management for any individual with assets and a family or for anyone with a domestic partner, business partners or preferred charitable causes.

Rajkowski Hansmeier Ltd., in St. Cloud, has a great deal of experience in estate law matters involving estates of all sizes and complexities. Many of our clients own farms and large businesses requiring special attention. We can guide you through all aspects of business succession plans, farm land trusts and other complex estate planning matters involving multiple generations in a family or groups of business partners.

We also handle estate litigation stemming from will contests and disputes over trust administration.

Planning for the distant future seems troublesome for many people. They do not like to imagine a time when they might be incapacitated and eventually pass away. However, it’s important to ensure that property and health care decisions are in good hands when the time comes. Well-crafted documents can ensure that end-of-life wishes are honored.

Estate Planning Lawyers Serving Clients Throughout The Upper Midwest

Rajkowski Hansmeier Ltd., welcomes the opportunity to discuss straightforward or complex estate planning issues with any individual, couple or group (such as a family group or business partners). Our lawyers can evaluate out-of-state wills and other already-existing testamentary documents. We are well-prepared to address any foreseeable issues and technicalities to eliminate problems before they arise. Our experience in estate planning includes drafting and updating wills, trusts, health care directives, powers of attorney, guardianships and conservatorships.

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We are here to help you plan and draft the right combination of documents that will help ensure your desired consequences for health care and passing on your estate are fulfilled. Managing your estate today can help eliminate complications later. Contact one of our estate attorneys and he or she will help you formalize your intentions, spell out health care wishes, identify your property, manage debt repayment and plan for the distribution of your personal effects after death.