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Personal Injury And Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers and workers’ compensation attorneys at Rajkowski Hansmeier Ltd., possess the background and knowledge of law necessary to ensure our clients’ interests are well-protected. Our attorneys zealously and skillfully pursue the most favorable attainable outcomes in any type of accident or injury case, whether we represent the injured or the defendant.

Representing Employers And Insurers To Minimize Losses

Rajkowski Hansmeier Ltd. represents Employers (including self-insureds) and Insurers in the defense of Minnesota workers compensation claims. Rajkowski Hansmeier Ltd. also advises employers on ways to prevent injuries on the job.

Representing The Injured

Rajkowski Hansmeier Ltd., has successfully handled numerous personal injury cases on behalf of individuals who have been injured, harmed or lost loved ones through others’ negligence. Our litigation attorneys have experience in advocating for accident victims in bodily injury cases involving motor vehicle negligence, product liability claims, medical malpractice, wrongful death claims, liquor liability, farm accidents and construction accidents. We have also helped people wronged through professional malpractice recover just compensation for financial losses.

Discuss Your Claim With A Proven Lawyer

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