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Insurance Coverage

Rajkowski Hansmeier Ltd.‘s insurance practice originated over 35 years ago and has grown to be a major part of the firm’s practice. Many insurers, including some of the country’s largest and best known, regularly retain our St. Cloud-based law firm for insurance-related legal services in all communities of Minnesota and neighboring states. The depth of our experience ensures that insurance companies and insureds will receive practical and knowledgeable advice on any issue. We are also adept insurance litigation attorneys.

Does A Claim Fit The Terms Of The Insurance Policy?

The complex area of insurance coverage analysis has long been a strong suit of Rajkowski Hansmeier Ltd. Insurers and potential litigants preparing to file or defend lawsuits seek our educated analysis to determine whether a given claim is covered according to the terms of a given insurance policy. The claim may involve personal injury, product liability, commercial property damage, premises liability, defective energy products, oil field accidents or alleged professional liability.

A key question in most cases is this: Does a potential claim fit under the terms of the insurance policy in question? Backed by in-depth analysis, we seek and obtain declaratory judgments that assist our clients in devising strategies for cost-effective resolution of accidental injury and property damage claims.

Whatever the subject matter or type of claim, our years of experience have prepared us to deliver trustworthy insurance coverage opinions. The firm is equipped to address any type of insurance case ranging from simple subrogation and property damage claims to complex multiparty product liability litigation. We have a track record of favorable outcomes in the area of insurance coverage litigation. We have successfully defended numerous insurers and their insureds in difficult car accident injury cases and defective energy product cases.

Insurance Coverage Lawyers Offer Opinions And Try Cases

Do you or claims representatives in your office have questions regarding the ever-changing insurance laws and their impact on insurance coverage questions? Contact one of our attorneys to request a presentation at your office to better equip your business practice or to discuss a pending complex litigation matter.