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Energy And Oil Field Litigation

The energy industry continues to grow and diversify in our energy-hungry world. Energy-related businesses need sound legal counsel and representation as they work to develop enterprises, maximize opportunities, control risks and forge ahead despite opponents of many varieties: competitors, environmental activists, injured workers, property owners claiming damages and other parties with relevant vested interests.

Rajkowski Hansmeier Ltd., in St. Cloud, is a regional leader among energy and oil field litigation firms. We advise and assist our clients with legal issues such as oil and gas leases, indemnity agreements and other types of contracts. Our Upper Midwest clients in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota include energy product developers, investors, property and business owners, and field operations managers.

Our law firm represents energy businesses in injury and loss claims and lawsuits, as well as in all other types of litigation related to energy products such as:

  • Oil and other petroleum-based products
  • Natural gas
  • Liquefied natural gas
  • Geothermal energy generation
  • Solar energy collection and distribution systems
  • Hydroelectric installations
  • Mining
  • Biofuels

Litigation Matters Affecting The Energy Industry

The complex arena of energy services, energy products and energy product extraction is the context for ever-increasing litigation involving:

  • Personal injury claims
  • Wrongful death
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Product liability
  • Environmental issues
  • Contract disputes
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations
  • Safe practices for extracting, storing and transporting energy products

We are known as an effective energy litigation law firm, with a strong record of trying cases in state and federal courts with great success. Oil drilling companies and other energy industry clients find our diligent, proactive approaches to be efficient, cost-effective and results-focused.

Our Energy And Oil Field Litigation Attorneys Offer Comprehensive Case Reviews

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