Attorney Steven Bader Obtained Dismissal of Housing Discrimination Case

Attorney Steven Bader obtained dismissal with prejudice of a housing discrimination lawsuit in favor of his client, a residential landlord. The plaintiff sued Steve's client for a violation of the Minnesota Human Rights Act. Specifically, the plaintiff alleged that Steve's client terminated his month-to-month tenancy because he is gay. The plaintiff signed a six month lease to live at the property. He did not intend to live at the property long-term because he wanted to buy a house. At the end of his six month lease, the plaintiff continued to reside in the apartment as a month-to-month tenant. Steve's client provided the plaintiff a 90 day notice of the termination of his month-to-month tenancy because a new tenant wanted to sign a five year lease for the apartment, and the plaintiff did not intend to stay long-term. There was no dispute that Steve's client never stated, suggested, implied, or otherwise commented that it terminated the plaintiff's tenancy because of his sexual orientation. Instead, the plaintiff premised his suit on his "personal belief" that Steve's client terminated his tenancy because he is gay. But the plaintiff's subjective belief did not show a discriminatory animus on the part of Steve's client, and it did not create a genuine issue of material fact for trial. Moreover, the plaintiff did not commence suit of the alleged Minnesota Human Rights Act violation within one year of its alleged occurrence.

Steve moved for summary judgment and asked the Court to dismiss the plaintiff's lawsuit. In response, the plaintiff dismissed his case with prejudice.

Olson v. Island Estates of Bird Island, Court File No. 65-CV-16-6, Minnesota District Court, Renville County